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Optimised translation processes lead to efficient workflows

When it comes to corporate communication, how do you optimise translation workflows, content creation and quality assurance processes across all of your global locations?

For most businesses, information and language management do not come under core activities. And yet these areas need a professional touch to ensure successful business communications both internally and externally. We optimise your communications processes, implement terminologies and system solutions and show you how best to plan your resource management.

We can advise on the following topics:


  • Translation workflows
  • Terminology processes
  • Project management processes
  • Editorial processes
  • Quality assurance
  • Automating information processes and language processes
  • Handling in-country reviews


  • Centralisation of language and translation management
  • Comprehensive terminology management within your company
  • Quality assurance and in-country reviews
  • Optimisation of translation costs
  • Machine translation


  • Integrating (online) content management systems, enterprise resource planning systems, product information management systems or other data sources into translation workflows
  • Developing customer-specific interfaces

Expert, personalised advice

Efficient language management, lean translation processes, automation solutions – it’s not just advice, we’re here for you right from the start.


Translation management

We show you how you can use translation memory, terminology management and machine translation to achieve consistency, efficiency and reduced costs.


Process optimisation

We have a solution for everything: Are your translation approval processes too long and complicated? Do you experience bottlenecks in your overall workflow because the commissioning departments have too many manual steps? Put your trust in us to organise, optimise and automate your translation workflow.


Content management

Revolutionise your technical writing using GRIPS and PRISMA software tools that are based on the innovative single sourcing model for semantic information.


Automation solutions

Where manual processes might previously have been justified, the growing numbers of target languages, shorter development times, higher time-to-market expectations and increasing pressure on costs call for new solutions. We can help you master the challenges of automating processes in information management.

STAR icon for terminology-management.

Terminology management

Web-based terminology management.
Consistent terminology across your organisation.

STAR_Maschinelle Uebersetzung


Efficient global communication with the help of artificial intelligence.

STAR icon for interpreting.


Seamless global communication. Experienced – professional – bespoke.

STAR_In-Country Review

In-country review

Revising translations in the target market. Integrating your international locations.


STAR training courses –
we’ll get you into shape!

Whether it’s online or in person at your premises – our training team is available anywhere in the world and will help get you up to speed with all processes and our software. The team members will work with customer-specific tasks and will share with you their practical expertise for everyday use.

Our training courses at a glance

Global yet at the heart of the action – you can rely on us

We have been providing consultancy services covering multilingual business communication, data management and corporate language for 30 years – we have significant experience in this field, and we can help you develop a successful solution for your organisation. Using our core services of content creation and translation as a starting point, we’ve developed strategies for communication management, as well as internationally approved software solutions.

The basis for this? Our long-term partnerships with companies all over the world. Through our collaboration with them, we’re familiar with the challenges of a company operating branches around the world, and we can suggest strategies that will bring consistency to your international communications.

Standardised yet customised – all part of the service

The established standards that underpin our approach to business communications are tried and tested and quick to implement. The standard processes and standard products from the STAR Group can help with the major challenges of information management and corporate language management. At the same time, processes can be adapted to customer-specific situations using flexible interfaces, configurations and workflows.

In such situations, our experienced team of developers is on hand to look at the specifics of your individual situation and integrate a tailored solution into your current process landscape.

Advice based on the bigger picture

Our experts are familiar with the entire information life cycle – including all its facets, possibilities and challenges. Instead of dealing with individual symptoms in isolation, our consultancy team looks at the entire process and checks that the solutions will fit the organisation’s overarching strategy.

Scalable consulting

Sometimes, even a small fly in the ointment can cause a lot of damage. This is why we offer tailored consulting that is specific to your situation. Together, we look at those seemingly “small” communication problems and show you possible solutions that require little input but save a lot of effort and mistakes further down the line.

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