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Reliable translations with industry-specific specialist knowledge

When translating highly specialised texts, you always need language experts with knowledge of the subject area. Technical, legal, medical and financial specialised translations require specific industry knowledge. Our native speaker experts with training in technical subjects undergo a strict and carefully documented selection and on-boarding process. It fulfils the requirements of the standards that we are certified to.

Specialised translations in the financial sector

We can support your accounting, controlling and finance departments with our expertise in the financial sector. Our team of specialist translators has the experience, knowledge and specialist vocabulary needed to support you with the translation of business texts, including:

  • Business correspondence: Business letters, e-mails
  • Business plans, tenders
  • Business and management reports, audits
  • Annual reports, balance sheets
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Key benefits at a glance

  • Precision and finesse – our specialist translators always work into their native language
  • Certified quality – quality management certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and processing in accordance with ISO 17100
  • Security and reliability – ISMS certified in accordance with ISO 27001
  • Synergy between man and machine – we use AI to support our professional specialised translations
  • Efficiency and security combined – certified for post-editing of machine translated output in accordance with DIN EN ISO 18587

Specialised legal translations

Our expert team, specialising in law and jurisprudence, supports legal departments and compliance/legal teams with technically precise translations of the following documents:

  • Contracts
  • General terms and conditions
  • Privacy policies
  • Legislative texts
  • Specialised texts, lectures, presentations
  • Official documents, certificates and references
  • Specialised translations in the areas of public law, civil law and criminal law

Speak to us if you need one of our sworn translators to provide a certified translation of your legal texts.

Specialised medical translations

The medical technology industry is a highly sensitive field. Even small errors in specialised translations in the medical technology industry can sometimes have grave consequences, because many of the devices and software tools are designed to be used on humans. The extremely low tolerance for errors means that it is critical that you demand the highest quality and reliability for the translation process.
The specialist translators working on medical technology and pharmaceutical texts have been subject to our extensive checks and work with the greatest care.
Our team of experts understands your language and your industry. These are just some of the documents we can translate into various languages:

  • Instructions for use (IFUs), product descriptions, package inserts and service information
  • Safety data sheets, registration documents, regulatory requirements
  • Software, studies, specialist articles
  • Approvals, packaging instructions, manufacturing instructions
  • Marketing documents (brochures, websites, flyers, etc.)
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Specialised translations for
other sectors

Every sector has its own very specialised terminology. STAR not only offers a global network of native-speaker experts, but continually impresses customers with the wide variety of specialist sectors in which our translators are well versed. Contact us if you are looking for qualified, specialised translations in one of the following sectors:

  • Mechanical and plant engineering (technical documentation, service and user manuals, standard descriptions)
  • Automotive (performance specifications, assembly instructions, parts lists)
  • IT & software (software localisation, user interfaces, online guides, development files)
  • Energy (operating instructions, informative and marketing materials)
  • Personnel management/HR (job advertisements, job references, employment contracts)
  • Culture, education, science & research (expert lectures, studies, further training materials, textbooks)
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