Tablet showing the STAR MT interface for machine translation.

Machine translation – efficient global communication with the help of AI

Globalisation, digitalisation, international markets –
the demand for translations is continually growing and can no longer be accomplished without the support of technology. Machine translation brings an additional resource to the table, which is having a lasting impact on the way language experts work. At the same time, it also provides new possibilities for producing translations more efficiently and at a lower cost.

Set yourself up for success –
tailored support from MT experts

Machine translation only makes financial sense if the general parameters are defined and the processes are implemented efficiently. Would you like to facilitate smooth communication between colleagues from different branches without needing to check the translations an additional time? Then the right solution for you is a lean workflow where translations are available almost without time delay.

Do you produce high-quality texts that have equally high requirements when translated? In this case, machine translation should form part of an overarching translation workflow where human translators have the last word as part of the post-editing process. Work with us to define your use cases and create a profile for what our collaboration could look like.

Have you already thought about your requirements? Fill out our MT checklist and send it to us.

Complete flexibility –
from the standard process to
full automation

Translation memory or machine translation? This isn’t an either/or question, but instead a wide spectrum of options. Within the framework of intelligent workflows, MT can be incorporated according to information type, target group and time frame, combining proven technology and resources.

We offer you the greatest possible flexibility and quality through the targeted application of your most important translation resources – TM, MT, human translators and post-editors.

We’re open to new things – bring
your own technology!

Do you already have an MT system in place? That’s no problem at all. Our tools and workflows are highly flexible. Using API interfaces, we can also integrate third-party MT systems so that you do not need to move away from your existing solutions. In addition to hybrid MT solutions, our MT workflows also support common, commercially available MT providers such as DeepL, Systran, etc.

We are in the driving seat heading to the future – with AI in the passenger seat

AI – and how to utilise it – is arguably the hottest topic in the sector right now.
But if we take a step back from all the hype, we can make a reasonable assessment of the diverse opportunities in the context of linguistic processes. As a technology partner and translation service provider of many years, we have already witnessed one or two paradigm shifts. That’s why we are confident that cutting-edge language technologies present lots of new opportunities. Nevertheless, a structured and sustainable approach is needed to incorporate these technologies into existing processes in order to create added value for the long term. With us, you’ll get where you want to go. So come and join us for the ride – after all, we have a tradition of innovation!

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Key benefits at a glance:

  • Tailored advice from MT experts with many years of experience
  • Save time and money with efficient MT workflows
  • High level of scalability and flexibility for connection and use
  • Maximum security when using STAR MT
  • Our promise of quality: An MT process that is always optimised and matched to the requirements

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Would you like to efficiently and sustainably deploy machine translation for your projects?
We help you to implement the best solution for you.
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KickSTARt your translation – the clever MT solution from STAR

If you don’t want to use one of the commercially available MT platforms, we can offer you our proprietary STAR MT technology in a product that is tailored to your needs.

STAR MT is based on modern neural machine translation (NMT) technology and can be trained using your existing translations and terminology databases. The advantage for you: The MT system is configured to match the specific features of your texts and can deliver better results than a generic MT solution.

You are also not compromising your data security: Your valuable data never leaves a secure environment; the MT system can either be installed on a secure STAR server or on your own IT infrastructure.

Person holding a tablet showing the STAR MT software solution.

Good training is half the battle –
how do the language experts use MT?

Let’s be completely honest: However good the modern NMT systems are, they are not 100% reliable and can introduce errors into the translation that are not detected. This is why professional language experts will play a deciding role in the future of MT.

NMT systems are designed to mimic the human brain, but they are not able to accurately identify and translate the extensive context, connotations and word plays. There needs to be clear management of expectations when starting to work with machine translation. The higher your quality standards for translations, the greater the need for qualified translators who are aware of the common pitfalls of NMT systems, can quickly correct errors and who can give your translations the necessary final polish.

Our language experts work in accordance with the ISO 18587 standard and thanks to a long-term feedback model, are able to actively work with us to improve our MT workflows. If you require specific adaptations to target markets in the form of an In-country review, our intuitive STAR WebEdit review portal can be made available to you.

On your marks, get set, app – STAR Translate as a self-service app

Our STAR Translate web service offers your employees a portal for the translation of individual texts or whole documents with a variety of supported file formats. Depending on the configuration, you can also incorporate additional translation resources into the process alongside STAR MT or third-party MT systems.

It doesn’t matter if you’re using a laptop, tablet or a smartphone – the interface adapts to the screen format of whichever end device you are using. The portal can also be tailored to match your corporate identity with various customisation options.

Would you like the added convenience of managing STAR Translate using your company’s own ERP system or service portal? No problem! You can use the optional API interface to seamlessly integrate the MT process into your existing workflows.

Why choose MT solutions
from STAR?

Technology is one of our most important assets. Our MT experts have many years of experience, always keep an eye on the latest developments and are continually improving our STAR MT technology.

Your data is in safe hands with us. Free-to-use MT services are often financed by reusing your valuable data. Our STAR MT engines are either installed on our own server in Germany, which conforms to the requirements of the EU GDPR regulation, on a secure cloud server in Germany or on your own IT infrastructure.

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Looking for advice?
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