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Professional translation of your audiovisual content

With multimedia localisation, you can reach your target audience wherever they are, and in the most natural way. At STAR, we pride ourselves on our excellent multimedia translations. From multilingual subtitling on promotional videos and transcreation of social media content, all the way through to localisation of audio files – your communications are in the best hands with our team of experts in multimedia localisation.

Translating audiovisual content

Audiovisual messages are more effective than text alone. However, subtitles are often needed so that your message can be understood. First, we carry out a transcription step to convert your spoken content into a specific text format. Then the subtitles are translated into the required target languages. For multimedia localisation, you must take into account the language subtleties as well as stylistic, technical and cultural considerations.

During post-processing, the translated subtitles are aligned with the video.
Upon request, the foreign language subtitles are then burned in to the video.

Would you like a recording of your e-learning content, or perhaps sound synchronisation or voice-over for your videos? Our native speaker experts are at your disposal, along with all of the equipment and tools that you might need.

We share a common goal: To bring your multimedia content to life in your target languages!

Our native speaker specialised translation experts can cross borders and media types.

We can localise your:

  • Corporate videos
  • Promotional videos
  • Product demonstrations
  • Social media content
  • Video podcasts
  • Customer testimonials
  • Animations
  • Presentations
  • E-learning courses
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Communication in every medium

A picture paints a thousand words.
How do we prefer to consume content nowadays? Long gone are the days when the written word was our only option. Videos, images and audio content are more important than ever for conveying your message. We want to be entertained, whether we are on a training course about cybersecurity, digesting a product comparison or checking the news. It all comes down to the story. The more captivating the content, the more the audience opens up, feels understood and builds trust. With the combination of carefully crafted texts and audiovisual content, you can create added value.

It has been demonstrated that new information is absorbed faster when it appeals to different senses. It makes a difference whether we simply read the content of training materials or if they are delivered in video form. The combination of hearing and seeing, paired with repetitions and interactive exercises about the newly acquired knowledge, is hard to beat.

And if that weren’t enough: Multimedia content also plays a fundamental role when it comes to search engine optimisation.
For a long time now, videos, photos or even audio content such as podcasts have been classified as a quality criterion for a website. What’s more, increasing numbers of users are utilising the image and video search functions on search engines like Google. This ensures longer dwell times on websites – another reason why you should incorporate multimedia content into your online presence.

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Key benefits at a glance

  • Everything from a single source: From the professional translation of your subtitles to the video voice-over
  • Quickly receive your social-media videos in the required languages
  • Multimedia content generates trust: When your customers watch videos in their own language, they feel like you really are addressing them personally
  • Global network of translators who are native speakers with many years of experience and in-depth expertise
  • Familiar with all common formats: mp4, wav, mov, wmf, avi, srt, vtt, and many more
  • Well equipped with everything needed, including studios and the corresponding tools

Cross-media translations

When we talk about multimedia translation, we are often, strictly speaking, talking about localisation. If your content is to have a powerful effect in the target language, sometimes a text translation alone is not enough. Images, colours, slogans, soundtrack running times, measurement units, currencies, time/date formats, etc. all need to be adapted to match local conventions in order to perfectly get your message across to the target market. Especially with a multimedia localisation project, the aim is to achieve an “invisible translation” that is perceived to be the original version.

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