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Premium interpreters: Experienced – professional – bespoke

We want your event to be a success in every language! It has been 35 years since we started organising interpreting services, including at individual speaking events in Germany and around the globe. Our flexible approach ensures that events go off without a hitch.

Where can we help?

Anywhere where professional interpreting,
in-depth knowledge of the subject at hand,
empathy and the spoken word are paramount.

  • Training courses on screen or in person
  • Conferences
  • Sales events
  • Board meetings
  • Open days
  • Customer visits
  • Works council meetings

Interpreting technology

As a company, we are able to provide the technology needed for interpreting during in-person engagements as well as the complete organisation of online events. We will also discuss this with you in detail. For every collaboration, we bring extremely high quality standards and over 35 years of experience to the table. You will benefit from a dedicated contact person before, during and after every assignment.


Make an enquiry

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Key benefits at a glance

  • Experienced interpreters working in their “A” language with the highest levels of language skills and in-depth expertise in the necessary subject area.
  • Professional advice and personal support before, during and after your event.
  • Transparent quotes that consider all technical and content aspects.
  • Tailored solutions – we’re happy to deal with special requests.
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Looking for advice?
You’re in the right place!

Christiane Ottmann

Sales Manager for New Business
+49 7031 21 70-34