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Terminology management – when everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet

Every business has them – specific words and terms that are used to speak about your own products and services. Exactly which terms are used largely depends on a combination of the target audience and corporate language. Terminology management is as individual as the company itself. We offer software solutions and practical expertise to make sure that your company’s terminology is consistent.

What is terminology management?

Terminology management is designed to ensure a consensus on specific concepts. It creates and manages company terminology and ensures all employees in the business have access to it. Terms are not only recorded, but also defined and can be accompanied by usage rules as applicable. You can be sure that every team, from procurement to legal, is using appropriate and correct terms.

Terminology work also plays a central role in ensuring that external communications are consistent. A database of terminology means that your marketing team at head office, your sales team in Shanghai or even your freelance translator in Helsinki all have access to the same information as you. Our software tools, TermStarNXT and WebTerm have the infrastructure to make this possible.

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Key benefits at a glance

  • Unified, consistent communication using terminology that is available across the company
  • Faster and more efficient translation and quality assurance
  • Scalable solutions for every terminology budget
  • Supported by tried-and-tested software solutions for global terminology management

Establishing successful terminology management in your company

What does good terminology management look like?

One aspect is to look closely at the individual requirements of your business. Another aspect is to work with controlled terminology processes: We plan and deliver every step from terminology extraction and cleaning to subject and language validation all the way through to release and distribution to employees. So that you can retain oversight, we create terminology guidelines and provide training on terminology work.

We’re happy to bring global employees into the terminology management process, for example, your colleagues based in other countries or local market experts. This way, we can be sure that the terms used in the terminology are also correctly understood in your target market.

Terminology management for every budget

Every terminology project must meet the requirements of the customer and fit within their timescales and budget.

  • Do you have a translation that requires project-specific terminology work?
  • Would you like to merge existing terminology, clean it and bring it up to date?
  • Would you like to develop your own terminology management process?
  • Would you like to optimise your terminology processes?

The tried-and-tested terminology expertise that we have developed over many years means that we can support you however you need it.

From company-specific terms to global, consistent communication

The best terminology work is of no use to anyone if you don’t share it with others. This is why we offer proven technologies and software so that your terminology database can be accessed and used across the globe.

If you already have some company-specific terminology, we are also happy to support you with terminology analysis and cleaning:

  • Removal of duplicates
  • Grouping and prioritising synonyms
  • Cleaning out misspellings and typing errors
  • Checking for consistency
  • Consolidating different existing glossaries

Enter new terminology directly into your terminology list

New terms come about as part of product development: New components and functions are given names as they appear. By using terminology management, you simplify the naming process; new terms can be defined, updated and validated straight away. Using WebTerm, the validation and feedback process happens seamlessly.

When translation and terminology go hand in hand

On the one hand, terminology should be quickly and easily added to during the translation process, and on the other hand, new terminology should be immediately available for translation. The language technology that we offer integrates both terminology management and translation memory. In this way, we can guarantee that new terminology is immediately available for translation projects.

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Case studies – our work in practice

Roto Frank AG

Consistent terminology
for clear, global

How did the introduction of WebTerm lead to improved global communication through consistent use of language throughout the company? Discover more about this success story in our Roto case study.

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Case study

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