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Professional content creation for your technical documentation

Technical documentation requires unambiguous, consistent and concrete phrasing as well as technical and factual accuracy. This is the only way that your target audience can understand and use the information. We can advise you on the creation and optimisation of your technical documentation.

Create a better customer experience
with optimised technical documentation

Whether you make products for end users, software, cars or entire industrial plants: The better your customer understands your products, the better they can use them – and therefore, the better their customer experience and brand loyalty.

Good technical communication can reduce your support workload and minimise your financial risk from incorrect information. This also applies when “translating” technical content to best suit the user perspective of your target audience. This requires both an in-depth technical understanding of the product and also knowledge about the relevant target audience and the requirements of applicable standards.

Technical writers at STAR:
Practical experience with foresight

Our technical authoring teams have solid technical training and have many years of practical experience gained across multiple industries and documentation projects. As a result, we understand your products – and we know how to make them understandable for your users. By being involved in the entire information lifecycle, our teams of experts know the entire information process: from research to terminology work and target audience analysis right through to downstream processes such as translation and publication. This means that content and data can be optimised for efficient further processing, reuse and communication in all languages, channels and media.

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Key benefits at a glance

  • Higher level of customer satisfaction thanks to clear information that is tailored to your target audience
  • Free up your resources
  • Reduced translation and publishing costs
  • Faster time to market

Service provider for
technical writing:
Free up resources

In many smaller and medium-sized companies, documentation projects tie up resources in Development, Marketing or Sales departments: Technical writing is done on the side by employees who should be busy with other things. We take care of this task so that you can focus on your core business again. Even if your company has an in-house Documentation department, large projects at the wrong time can put a real strain on the available resources. This is where we come in, ensuring that technical documentation does not turn into a bottleneck.

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Your technical documentation is in safe hands from the very start

We know how translation-friendly documentation can be constructed, written and designed. Text optimisation is included, meaning the costs and time needed for translation, layout and publication are reduced: Get to market faster with less effort.

Reduce your liability risk thanks to legal certainty

As far as the law is concerned, an instruction manual is part of your product. As with other product components, mistakes can be costly and could lead to a significant product liability risk.

This is why it pays to treat your technical documentation with the same care and quality expectations as your products.

Alternatives from a single source with
many years of experience

Our authoring experts don’t just know how to write – they also know how to convey information in other ways. As a result you will receive the best communication for your target audience, all in one place – including visuals, multimedia and e-learning.

Case studies – our work in practice

Theobald Software GmbH

Impressive solutions for corporate language management for Theobald Software

How Theobald Software used STAR’s fantastic solutions to streamline their corporate language management: Discover more about this success story in our Theobald Software case study.

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Case study

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