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Efficient and secure – thanks to intelligent automation with AI

We develop software solutions that speed up translation processes and automate workflows.
We use AI to maximise the impact of this.

Using the latest process automation technology – STAR CLM

Our STAR CLM software solution is a translation management system that offers comprehensive management of language services within a business and includes functions for terminology use, human and machine translation and in-country review, seamlessly linking everyone involved in the process. It is also able to communicate with all major CMS systems thanks to its exceptional connectivity. It has just one goal: To optimise and streamline processes in such a way that space and resources are freed up to add value in other areas.

GRIPS is the perfect application for AI – semantic structuring of your information

GRIPS is a powerful and versatile component content management system: Information is organised in a product-oriented manner, by assembly, by function and by variant. All items in the content that are significant for working practices (such as tools, materials, spare parts, timings, etc.) are classified as individual objects. Even the use of these objects in various steps is recorded as a link. This leads to the creation of digitally evaluable information networks, known as knowledge graphs.

This allows the information to be interpreted and processed not only by users but also by processes and machines. This is a key prerequisite for the use of product knowledge in digital information twinning and for the implementation of smart services for customers, engineers, dealers and partners alike. Technical communication and the information products associated with this thereby generate added value and make digitalisation easier.

GRIPS, the collaborative platform, enables information from a range of systems (engineering, software development, production) to be synchronised, structured and prepared for publication across all channels.

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TransitNXT is an efficient translation memory system – technology for maximum performance

For many years, CAT tools such as translation memory systems have been supporting translators across the globe to produce translations. Based on the STAR Delta Principle, only new or changed data is worked on. For the rest of the data, the system reuses existing, validated translations. Efficiency increases notably right from the very first project.

The consistency and therefore quality, of the translations is improved and the costs reduce over time. STAR has been a pioneer in the field ever since the first CAT tools were brought onto the market. For over 25 years, STAR has been driving the technological advancement of its translation memory system, TransitNXT, and has incorporated the experiences and ideas of numerous stakeholders from translation, project management and industry in its continued development.

Using machine translation –
artificial intelligence for your projects

Alongside translation management systems, machine translation (MT) is also bringing increasing levels of automation to translation projects. At the same time, it also provides new possibilities for producing translations more efficiently and at a lower cost.

The potential applications for MT are wide-ranging. As part of a fully automated process, “raw” MT output can be generated to immediately share information. However, machine translation can equally be used to produce high-quality texts by combining intelligent translation memory, terminology systems and experienced linguists. In this scenario, post-editors carry out detailed checks based on the requirements profile to ensure that the output of the machine translation engine is correct.

In-country review with STAR CLM WebEdit – greater customer satisfaction and a better time to market

Maximise the impact of your translations in your target markets. Nobody knows more about your product and the particular language requirements better than your colleagues at your international locations. Our web-based solution, CLM WebEdit has been for the express purpose of providing an intuitive solution so that your in-country experts can be included in the review process. Together, we are working towards the goal of adapting your documents to exactly match the wishes of the markets.

We can efficiently organise a streamlined in-country approval process that avoids long review stages. At the same time, the automatic transfer of amends into the translation memory and the integration of translation approval into automated workflows ensure a high level of process reliability and more intelligent automation with AI.

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Customer portal – all the information on your
translation projects at a glance

Working together with our customers, both sides use a customer portal. Quotes, orders and invoices as well as data uploads and downloads can all be securely and easily handled in the web portal.

Request a quote or confirm an order, any time, from anywhere – all you need is a web browser. Upload your data with a single click and give us the go-ahead to prepare your quote or start your order. Data exchange is encrypted, meaning that you don’t need to pack up and send extensive amounts of data via e-mail.

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The benefits for you

  • Easy to get started, intuitive to use
  • Free access to customer portal
  • All projects visible and KPIs available at the press of a button
  • High data security thanks to secure, encrypted data exchange
  • A central solution for your business – all departments divisions can have access
  • Order-specific communication using individual ID numbers
  • Option to evaluate completed orders

Case studies – our work in practice


Fully-automated processes for a shorter time to market

How STAR CLM and CLM WebEdit made translation management more efficient through process automation. Learn more about the success story in our case study with Walter.

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Case study

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