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In-country review – Have your texts optimised by contacts in your target market

Maximise the impact of your translations. Nobody knows more about your product and the particular language requirements than your colleagues at your international locations. We arrange an efficient approval process for translations so that your teams don’t have lots of extra work to do. Your translations have one last final polish.

Faster publication times using CLM WebEdit

With STAR, you can wave goodbye to these tiresome tasks:

  • Complex corrections in PDFs
  • Laborious data handling
  • Unsecured data transfer via e-mail

With CLM WebEdit, the modern, web-based solution, change requests from international locations can be implemented straight into the translation. Your chosen reviewer can get started straight away, quickly finding their way around the intuitive interface. No need to import and export texts into their system, nor send by e-mail.

Direct communication with your locations

We are happy to coordinate with all global locations for translation approval on your behalf.
Wherever needed, there is direct contact between the translation and review teams so that terminology and content questions can be dealt with quickly and effectively.

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Key benefits at a glance

  • Texts that are appropriate for your target audience and market
  • Higher level of efficiency thanks to direct communication
  • Reliability thanks to integrating translation approval into automated workflows
  • Shorter time to market thanks to online review in real time

A finger on the pulse of the market

Your communications experts at your international locations are aware of exactly what is going on in their markets; both in terms of language and subject matter. We help them to pass their expertise on to the translators with minimal effort and incorporate it into the translation process. As a result, the translation process is not only more efficient; the quality of the output is also improved because target-market insights can be taken into account directly during translation.

An efficient process, carried out with flair: in-country approvals

We want your in-country reviewers to have as little to do as possible, so we have made sure that our translators learn from all previous amends and take them into account for future translations. In an ideal world, they would also be supported by having access to your company terminology.

Wherever needed, there is direct contact between the translation and review teams so that terminology and content questions can be dealt with quickly and effectively in a person-to-person conversation ‒ particularly important for challenging and critical languages.

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Case studies – our work in practice


Specialised translations and in-country reviews for KNF, powered by STAR

So, how did the introduction of STAR CLM WebEdit simplify the approval process and boost customer satisfaction? Discover more about this success story in our KNF case study.

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Case study

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