STAR training courses – we’ll get you into shape!

In the translation field, the technology and processes used can be complicated and demanding. Benefit from our industry expertise of over 35 years, and book a training course with our experienced teams.

In small groups or one-to-one, we introduce you to various specialist topics. We give you practical knowledge that you can put to use immediately.

Comprehensive training portfolio

We can offer you professional training sessions on the following subject areas:

Efficient training on STAR software

There are many good reasons to complete a software training course before beginning work: The steep learning curve means you can start being productive and getting the most out of the software in a shorter timeframe. At the same time, you can avoid beginner mistakes and achieve more when working with the tool.

Advanced users can also benefit from training: The content of the training can be tailored to specific questions and the requirements of your projects. We can share our expertise, allowing you to use the software to its full potential and recognise areas for improvement.

Training in writing copy that is optimised for translation

Optimising the source text pays for itself many times over. Even a one-day seminar with one of our trainers will help you become significantly more efficient and save costs when it comes to the translation of your technical documentation.

The content of our training courses:

  • Analysis of your German and English texts
  • Linguistic and structural text optimisation while retaining the technical content
  • Reduction of text volumes by up to 30%
  • Increased rates of reuse from translation memory because of improved formatting
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Key benefits at a glance

  • Training options across the globe in many languages
  • Targeted learning with training taken from practice for practical applications
  • Quick system introduction times
  • Continually growing user expertise
  • Online or in person at your premises

A variety of workshops on the latest topics

Would you like to know about SEO, terminology work or machine translation?
The STAR team offers regular training sessions.

User groups at software workshops

At product-specific user groups, you can get to know software users from other companies and exchange ideas with them. You can discover how they solved a particular challenge that you might be currently facing.

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Do you need STAR expertise?
We can help you!

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