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Technical translations and complex multilingual projects

In order to successfully sell products and services internationally, it is imperative that you speak the languages of your target markets. By providing translations of your technical documentation and instruction manuals in local languages, you increase the convenience and market acceptance for your existing and potential customers.

Industry-specific translation expertise

Our technical translators only work into their native language and have extensive industry knowledge.
No matter the industry – from advertising to zoology – our expert team is familiar with your subject matter and can be trusted to deliver top-quality translations.

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Key benefits at a glance

Terminology as a quality factor

When it comes to technical communication using the correct terminology is a must. Our qualified and experienced translators use your customer-specific terminology or accepted industry terminology. As part of a Terminology ­management, they support you in creating or expanding your database of accepted terminology in all languages.

We translate

  • Instruction and operating manuals
  • Manufacturer declarations
  • Conformity declarations
  • Assembly instructions
  • Care and maintenance instructions
  • Training documents
  • Service books
  • Data sheets
  • Software documentation
  • and more besides

Uniquely STAR – dedicated translators who specialise in your projects

Benefit from continuity and expertise in the translation process. Our principle of using dedicated translators who specialise in your projects ensures that the same translators work on your texts each time, meaning their knowledge of your products will continue to grow. This is essential for good translations, as errors are highly likely if translators lack a thorough understanding of customer products.

This way of working also has a positive impact on style and terminology, as our translators are able to adapt to your linguistic and terminological expectations. We naturally also ensure that backup translators are available so that you can rely on receiving your technical translations in the quality and time frame you are accustomed to, even when your dedicated translators are on holiday.

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At home everywhere:
Global technical translation

With over 600 permanently employed technical translation experts, we have a global network of qualified specialist translators who carry out most of our translations in-house.
If needed for certain language combinations and subject areas, these employees are supported by qualified freelance translators who have gone through our rigorous selection process and are familiar with how we work.

Case studies – our work in practice


Harvesting the future with multilingual information management from STAR

How the professional project team at STAR added a significant contribution to the consistency and continuity of translation quality at CLAAS. Discover more about this success story in our CLAAS case study.

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Multimedia ­localisation

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DTP and layout work

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