26 Oct 2023

tekom annual conference 2023 in Stuttgart

Visit us at the tekom annual conference in Stuttgart!

Find us on stand 2D38 in Hall C2 from 14th to 16th November. There, you’ll find out more about our language services, enterprise technologies and all the latest developments.

You can visit the exhibition free of charge! To do so, simply drop us an e-mail and we will send you the exhibition code you need to register straight away. If you want to meet to discuss something in particular, we are also available beforehand to book an appointment for you. As with every year, there are some fascinating presentations and workshops lined up:

So erstellen Sie technische Dokumentation in Rekordzeit
(How to produce technical documentation in record time)


  • Dominik Faupel (Hilti Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH)
  • Dr. Matthias Gutknecht (STAR Group)


Reusing content saves time, money and effort. Component Content Management solutions facilitate reuse at a topic/sentence level. STAR GRIPS also features structure assistants for the reuse of complex semantic content structures. Hilti utilises this to generate operating manuals in just one or two hours. This talk will look at their approach to content, explained with a practical example.

When? As part of Technology Days – Monday 6th November, 9.10 a.m.– 9.50 a.m.

Semantische Produktinformationen – der Schlüssel zur digitalen Prozessunterstützung
(Semantic product information – the key to digital process support)


  • Dr. Matthias Gutknecht (STAR Group)


Find out how semantic single sourcing with GRIPS opens the doors to personalised digital process support.

Where and when? Tuesday, 14th November, 2 p.m., room C10.2

Alles im Griff: Wie steuere ich Projekte in der Content Factory
(Everything under control: How do I manage projects in the Content Factory)


  • Dr. Matthias Gutknecht (STAR Group)


With GRIPS project management, you can automate routine tasks, keep an overview and save time and money. Get to grips with GRIPS using a real example.

Wednesday, 15th November, 10 a.m., room C10.2

Augmented Translation – CAT-Tool-Entwicklung in Zeiten von MT und LLMs
(Augmented Translation – CAT tool development at STAR in the age of MT and LLMs)


  • Julian Hamm (STAR Deutschland)
  • Judith Klein (STAR Group)


We will be showing what opportunities MT and LLMs present when it comes to quality assurance, terminology work and other functions across the entire translation process, as well as providing insight into the challenges of developing STAR Transit NXT in the context of Augmented Translation.

Wednesday, 15th November, 11.30 a.m., room C10.2

Customer Interaction über das Projekt hinaus: von In-Country Review bis Quality & Risk Management
(Customer Interaction beyond the project: From in-country review to quality & risk management)


  • Birgit Maria Hoppe (STAR Deutschland)


STAR CLM, the platform for Corporate Language Management, provides the best possible support for quality management through maximum customer integration. Discover how easy in-country reviews can be using CLM WebEdit alongside intuitive application of all relevant CAT features. The new Quality & Risk Management Module (QRM) also enables you to evaluate completed projects not only in communication with all stakeholders but also to define and track quality measures.

Wednesday, 15th November, 3 p.m., room C10.2

Die Content-Factory: Rezepte entwickeln für digitalen Mehrwert
(The Content Factory: Developing recipes for added digital value)


  • Roland Schmeling (Schmeling + Consultants GmbH)
  • Dr. Matthias Gutknecht (STAR Group)


Digital applications and services relating to complex products require a high standard of information quality: These need to be structured, standardised, highly granular, free of redundancies and semantically linked. For this standard to be achieved, the technical editing must have the right infrastructure and process maturity. What exactly are the requirements of data models, systems, interfaces, processes, roles and skills? Which recipes are worthwhile and when do they start overshooting? Using an application example for digitalisation, we will together derive the specific requirements of the processes and data. In turn, these requirements provide sound justification for the necessary investment.

Thursday, 16th November, 11.30 a.m.–1.15 p.m., room C9.3


See you there!


For appointment booking and/or a trade fair code, please send us a short e-mail.

18 Jun 2024

From 24th to 27th June 2024, the University of Sheffield in the UK will open its doors and welcome guests to the 25th EAMT Conference for a four-day event.

7 May 2024

According to the recently published 2024 Slator and Nimdzi indices, the STAR Group is one of the top 25 language service providers in the world. In the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), STAR takes the top spot in terms of audited turnover!

25 Apr 2024

CyberVadis, an independent provider which analyses and assesses cybersecurity in companies, has given STAR top marks for its cybersecurity strategies and measures!

18 Apr 2024

Multilingualism and SEO go hand in hand – when a professional is at the helm. STAR Deutschland and our colleagues from netzgefährten online marketing agency would like to invite you on a journey through the world of SEO.

11 Mar 2024

Large language models (LLMs) could prove to be valuable assets for linguists in the context of language processes. But what exactly are the advantages of this technology?

27 Feb 2024

Few words have characterised the year 2023 as much as “AI”.
But what does this buzzword actually mean for translation and language processes?

30 Jan 2024

You can tell how diverse a language is just by looking at the breadth of its idioms. These turns of phrase vividly describe emotions or situations, often through associations with the animal world

12 Dec 2023

Around ten years ago, Endress+Hauser took the decision to automate their translation processes – with the help of STAR CLM, the process automation solution from STAR.

7 Dec 2023

Just a few days before the 2023 edition of the annual tekom conference, STAR Deutschland GmbH succeeded once again in earning the seal of approval of its independent certification partner LinquaCert in the surveillance audit for ISO 18587:2017 “Post-editing of machine translation output”, confirming the continued high quality and transparency of the company’s translation processes!

28 Nov 2023

How time flies… the Harsewinkel-based agricultural machinery manufacturer CLAAS has been relying on the STAR Group’s translation expertise and software solutions since 2003.

16 Nov 2023

The new version of the translation memory system Transit NXT offers additional filters, enhanced web search services, more connections and numerous improvements in terms of usability.

7 Nov 2023

Now we know what you’re thinking: Not another article about ChatGPT… Social media is already full of experience reports, and words of praise as well as criticism. And the initial hype has long since died down. Is STAR not a little late to the party here? In short, the answer is no – because we’ve been partying along with everyone else the whole time!

23 Oct 2023

Digitalisation, automation and artificial intelligence are playing a key role in more and more industries in the long term. In this context, and with the development of machine translation (MT), the translation profession has also changed significantly.

5 Oct 2023

Supplier selection is a significant factor in the success of a business.
In this article, we will give you clear pointers and tips for choosing a translation service provider.

25 Sep 2023

This year’s event followed a slightly different and, at 5.3 km, slightly longer course to previous years. Last week, a team of STAR’s sportiest employees took part in the company fun run on the airfield.

9 May 2023

Supplier selection is a significant factor in the success of a business.
In this article, we will give you clear pointers and tips for choosing a translation service provider.

15 Apr 2023

Be honest: Is your company Fort Knox when it comes to security against external attacks? Or might there be a hole in your defences somewhere? This article shines a light on why you should keep IT security in mind when you are choosing your language service provider.

1 Feb 2023

Short, interesting videos on websites grab the interest of potential customers and increase traffic. Millions of videos are watched every day on social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook, etc. You should also make your videos available not just in your native language, but also in other languages for all your target audiences and markets so that you can achieve a greater reach.

23 Nov 2022

As part of our main audit in October, we were able to demonstrate our expertise in machine translation (MT) to our certification partner LinquaCert; expertise that we have built over more than 15 years.

15 Oct 2022

“Why is Japanese so expensive in comparison to other Asian languages?” – this is a question that we are regularly asked by customers, and by colleagues too. Yet it cannot be answered in a single sentence.

28 Sep 2022

This year a small group of STAR employees took part in the Flugfeld-Firmenlauf, a corporate fun run that takes place on the airfield in Sindelfingen. This was the 11th edition of the running event, organised by the Event Service from Stahl and held right on our doorstep. Every year in September since the very first race, we’ve enjoyed this great community event.

22 Jul 2022

On Friday 15th July, after two years of cancellations due to coronavirus restrictions, we were once again able to join together for our summer social, and we had excellent conditions for it.

6 Jul 2022

Fabienne, Nadège and Frank are specialist translators for STAR Deutschland, working into their mother tongue, French. In this interview, they tell us about their job, their daily work life and the challenges and experiences that they have encountered over time.

27 Jun 2022

For over 40 years, the “Mobil ohne Auto” campaign (Get moving without a car) has called for sustainable alternatives to cars and enjoys great popularity thanks to its numerous events. This year, the warm weather and the success of the ‘9 Euro ticket’, a flat-fee monthly pass for regional public transport, boosted the appeal of other modes of transport.

14 Apr 2022

We are pleased to announce that we were successful in our surveillance audit, conducted on 31 March and 1 April 2022 by two auditors from PÜG Prüf und Überwachungsgesellschaft mbH.

30 Mar 2022

According to the Slator Index, the STAR Group is among the Top 10 language service providers in the world!

The Slator Index provides a ranking for the world’s largest translation, localisation, interpreting and language technology companies.

30 Mar 2022

Translating with pen and paper? Dragging around dictionaries and printing out terminology lists? If you hear those questions and picture yourself back at school before the new millennium, perhaps you will feel it even more keenly when you learn how the translation process has changed since that time thanks to the introduction of modern technology.

2 Feb 2022

As a customer, you expect only the very best quality from your suppliers.
Providing high-quality translations can prove problematic for many service providers.

How can quality be guaranteed through translation management?
How can quality issues be rectified in the long term?

Find out more in this interview with Dr. Glenda O., our Quality Management Officer.

27 Jan 2022

Can you juggle? With three balls? No?
A good translation project manager can.

No matter how chaotic the circus, a project manager should be able to juggle the three balls of Quality, Time and Cost, and always remain competent, friendly and calm, keeping all the balls in the air until the project is completed.

25 Jan 2022

What website operator doesn’t dream of their site appearing at the very top of web search results?

If you want to convince users across the globe to click on your localised website, view your products and services, and better still, make a purchase, we can show you how. With a translation process that takes into account SEO optimisation, you can save your marketing budget and win customers.

19 Jan 2022

Service Pack 14 and the latest plug-ins now support file formats for AutoCAD 2021 & 2022, InDesign 2021 and FrameMaker 2020.

5 Jan 2022

Some of our colleagues have been part of the STAR team for 20, 25 or 30 years.

Their combined years of service add up to an astounding 260 years! Such a length of service makes STAR Deutschland seem positively youthful at only 35 years old.

23 Nov 2021

Regional newspaper Sindelfinger Zeitung/Böblinger Zeitung has been publishing regular articles under the title of “Wir machen Zukunft” (Creating the future), looking at innovative and successful companies in the region.

15 Jul 2021

This proves that information security is a top priority within our organisation.

23 Nov 2020

STAR proudly presents: Our colleagues, Birgit M. Hoppe and Birgitta Geischberg have added to the existing work by Jean-Marc Dalla-Zuanna and Dr. Christopher Kurz with their article “Quality of terminology processes in corporate contexts/Agreeing and harmonizing terminology”.

18 Sep 2020

The VAILLANT Group has been using STAR Group software solutions for over 10 years now: Information management, process automation, translation and terminology processing, all in one place.

Here’s to many more years of this successful partnership!

28 May 2020

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5 Mar 2020

Do you use Chinese translations as part of your marketing campaigns in the Chinese market? Then you should get advice from STAR about the Chinese Advertisement Law.

11 Feb 2020

Standardised, manufacturer-independent reference terminology for the automotive industry is now available. It came about as part of an EU project with the goal of facilitating access to vehicle manufacturers’ repair and maintenance information (RMI) by “authorised independent operators” (independent workshops, testing institutes, etc.) (EN ISO 18542 standard).

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